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How to install the Ethernet Echelon Adapter.

  • Connect you're Echelon Ethernet interface to the network.
  • Extract the echelon set up program (Easylon-WDM_V6.2.1515.exe or more recent) towards a folder on the local hard disk (e.g. c:\easylon\install)
  • Run the locater utility (C:\Easylon\Install\LPE\Locator\locater.exe) -> to find the echelon Ethernet interface.
  • Click on the configure button and modify the ip address of the echelon interface
(Be sure that this address is NOT use by another -> ping the address before assigning)
  • Press apply to change
  • create a virtual echelon interface on the pc which communicates with the echelon interface
  • Launch C:\Easylon\Install\RniLonCl\FastInst.exe
  • in the system tray an extra icon " Easylon RNI client" is created
  • open the Device manager and open the lon adapter tree
  • Right click the LONIP0 and choose properties.
  • Click on the advanced button
  • Change the adaptername towards LON1
  • Set the ip address of the in echelon interface in “IP Server Address”
  • Change the IP Port
  • Restart the computer
  • Adapter is installed


  • Because the it is an Ethernet device -> FIREWALLS need to be configured carefully
  • Check if the firmware you’re using is version 1.3.1 or later
This can be done by opening the internet browser and type the ip of the interface

How to upgrade the firmware.

  • open the locater utility (C:\Easylon\Install\LPE\Locator\locater.exe)
  • press upgrade
  • browse towards the (C:\Easylon\Install\LPE\Locator and choose “LPE1.3.1 upgrade.bin” and press ok
  • upgrade is done
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Page last modified on November 13, 2009, at 11:35 AM