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Universal Node for flow (32-8 Flow)

Switches & ledís

  • First a yellow led : SERVICE-led. Lights up when you push the service-switch. When this led flashes or is lit continuously, a severe soft-ware problem occured in the node. ( call us )
  • Second a red led : RECEIVE-led
  • Third a red led : TRANSMIT-led
  • Bottom a green led : lights up when power supply is ok.

At the connector-side youíll find :

  • A push-button switch : SERVICE-switch. This transmits the ID-number of the node.
  • A resettable thermal fuse : when this pops out, a little white flag is visible. After removing the problem, such as short circuit, push it back in to reset.


There are two identical 6-way connectors at the right of the node. The left one may be used for connecting nodes who need 12V power supply, max 800mA such as reader or weight controllers . MAXIMUM 3 NODES TO SUPPLY. The right one is to connect the major network.

pin 1+12V (output)
pin 2GND
pin 3NC
pin 4Network A
pin 5Earth ( shielding )
pin 6Network B

The 8 x 12-way connector used for the outputs. The output voltage is 24 Vdc.

pin 1Dose 1
pin 2Dose 2
pin 3Dose 3
pin 4Dose 4
pin 5+12V
pin 6Flow +12V
pin 7Flow GND
pin 8Flow GND
pin 9Flow input
pin 10NC
pin 11Output coil
pin 12Output coil GND

WARNING: When using a pneumatic valve you need to add a zener diode in the output.


Debitmetre Electromagnetique (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
Digmesa (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
Digmesa (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)

Connections Debitmetre Electromagnetique
Connections Digmesa
Connections Digmesa
Connections IR-Opflow

WARNING: Never use the Debitmetre Electromagnetique flowmeters in combination with other flow meters on one node!


Within the neuron program you can influence the behaviour of the node by setting different flags


  • MaxCount : maximum number of tap actions without resetting the input
  • Pause : time between two tap actions
  • Flags :
    • Between 1 and 8: maximum number of valves opened at the same time
    • 9: Handdouche (used for controlling berg douche systems).
    • 10: Speedrail: 2 different amounts on 1 button: When pushing dose 1 for longer than 1s, the 32-8 switches over to dose 2. Other doses work normally.
    • 11: Start-Stop continuous: when pushing a dose button for a short time, this dose will get tapped for 1 time. By pressing longer than 1s, it will continuously get tapped until you press that dose again.
  • Wait : time between double tap

The calibration value when an input is configured as STOP:

  • Cal = 0: The input is a normal stop.
  • Cal = 1: The input is a Hold-Resume. When the input is active, the output is paused until the input gets deactivated. Now the tap action will continue.
  • Cal > 1: The input is a Stop-Start: on pressing, the tap action will stop. After pressing again, the tap action resumes with the set cal value for this STOP.

When using the 32-8 as time based device, use the normal flags as shown above. Is the 32-8 a flow based device then add 100 at the flags. Example: 105: Flow based with a maximum of 5 valves opened at the same time.

WARNING: Install DINO version 18.97 or later !!

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