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32-8 Alcohol node

Switches & ledís

  • First a yellow led : SERVICE-led. Lights up when you push the service-switch. When this led flashes or is lit continuously, a severe software problem occured in the node. ( call us )
  • Second a red led : RECEIVE-led
  • Third a red led : TRANSMIT-led
  • Bottom a green led : lights up when power supply is ok.

At the connector-side youíll find :

  • A push-button switch : SERVICE-switch. This transmits the ID-number of the node.
  • A resettable thermal fuse : when this pops out, a little white flag is visible. After removing the problem, such as short circuit, push it back in to reset.

Connection :

There are two identical 6-way connectors at the right of the node. The left one may be used for connecting nodes who need 12V power supply, max 800mA such as reader or weight controllers . MAXIMUM 3 NODES TO SUPPLY. The right one is to connect the major network.

pin 1+12V (output)
pin 2GND
pin 3NC
pin 4Network A
pin 5Earth ( shielding )
pin 6Network B


Within the neuron program you can influence the behaviour of the node by setting different flags. The 32-8 Alcohol is based on a regular 32-8 Node thus has all the flags like the normal 32-8 Node. To use with the Breg Alcohol guns always use flag 9.


  • MaxCount : maximum number of tap actions without resetting the input
  • Pause : time between two tap actions
  • Flags :
    • Between 1 and 8: maximum number of valves opened at the same time
    • 9: Handdouche (used for controlling Berg douche systems)
      • WARNING: Never put the 36-way connector in manual mode when using the 32-8 as a Handdouche device!
    • 10: Speedrail: 2 different amounts on 1 button
    • add 100: Freeflow possible with VIP (Firmware version 2.0 or up)
  • Wait : time between double tap

The calibration value when an input is configured as STOP:

  • Cal = 0: The input is a normal stop.
  • Cal = 1: The input is a Hold-Resume. When the input is active, the output is paused until the input gets deactivated. Now the tap action will continue.
  • Cal > 1: The input is a Stop-Start: on pressing, the tap action will stop. After pressing again, the tap action resumes with the set cal value for this STOP.
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