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Configuring the CL-S700

Set the printer to factory default

  • power off the S700
  • Press and Hold the MENU and PAUSE button while powering on the printer
  • Release the buttons when display when the display is set to FACTORY DEFAULT
  • press FEED
  • Press STOP

printer is set to factory default

How to set the printer to Direct Transfer (instead of Thermal Transfer)

  • power ON the printer (do not touch any keys while powering on)
  • Press and hold MENU while pushing the 1x the PAUSE button (display says DT).
(if the printer say TT, press the pause button again -> this means that the printer was already set to DT).

How to set the print darkness to 20

Display printerButton to press
Online1 x menu
Main Menu1 x stop
Page setup 
Page setup1 x menu
print speed 
Page setup1 x stop
Print Darkness 
Darkness8 x feed
Darkness1 x stop
Page setup1 x pause
Print Darkness 
Main Menu1 x pause
Page setup 
Save Changes1 x menu
No - Discard 
Save Changes1 x stop
Yes - save 
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