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Minimax or Babynode

Connection for AC-DC converter
Connection for AC-DC converter


Within the neuron program you can influence the behaviour of the node by setting different flags


  • MaxCount : maximum number of tap actions without resetting the input
  • Pause : time between two tap actions
  • Flags :
    • Not set: the 2 valves can be opened at the same time
    • 1 or 2: maximum number of valves opened at the same time
  • Wait : time between double tap

The calibration value when an input is configured as STOP:

  • Cal = 0: The input is a normal stop.
  • Cal = 1: The input is a Hold-Resume. When the input is active, the output is paused until the input gets deactivated. Now the tap action will continue.
  • Cal > 1: The input is a Stop-Start: on pressing, the tap action will stop. After pressing again, the tap action resumes with the set cal value for this STOP.
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