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HOWTO Clean lines for BEER an WINE dispensers.

Pneumatic beerpumps :

The system needs to be set in a free state before cleaning the lines. This can be done in TWO ways

EITHER Use the Clean Card

The ETC control system has 4 different TYPES of cards
- Tap Card : this card is used for normal use (beer is dosed and registered)
- Callibrate Card : this card is used for setting the doses
- Rescue Card : If the computer is not responding, this card can be used (beer is dosed and registered -> information will be sent to te computer a soon as it is back on line)
- Clean Card : When using this card the beer flows like with a traditional beerpump, this is used for cleaning the lines.

OR Put the node in a manual state

The node is usualy located underneath the bar below the Beerpumps. PUT the LARGE 36-way Connector in the FREE position (BYPASSING). The beer pump now works like a traditional beerpump. Wen you pull the lever, the beer flows; when you close the lever, the beer stops. DON'T Forget to put the pump back in its original state.

Sometimes it happens during cleaning that the thermal fuse (4A), is activated. This is because to many valves at the same time consume too much power.
solution : close all the valves and push on the fuse

Electrical wine dispensers or Electrical beerpumps:

To put electrical dispensers in a free state, the valves need to be dismounted See picture below.

  • Unscrew the aluminium nut
  • take out the dispenser-tube
  • take out the screw and bullet
  • put the dispenser-tube and the screw back in place

The valve is open.

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