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Foam Detector

Switches & ledís

On the frontpanel youíll find :

  • A push-button:
    1. Press shortly: Calibrate the node. Make sure there is beer in the detector. After the LED turned green you can restart tapping. When the red LED is lit up, the node is already or can not be calibrated.
    2. Press more than 1 second: Clean mode. The contacts are now open; it's possible to clean the pipes via the tap valve. The Fob-detector will not react on an empty barrel. The red and green LED flash.

Connection :

The 36-way connector

pin 1-10NO KONTAKT LM1/1
pin 19-28NO KONTAKT LM1/2
pin 2-11NO KONTAKT LM2/1
pin 20-29NO KONTAKT LM2/2
pin 3-12NO KONTAKT LM3/1
pin 21-30NO KONTAKT LM3/2
pin 4-13NO KONTAKT LM4/1
pin 22-31NO KONTAKT LM4/2
pin 5-14NO KONTAKT LM5/1
pin 23-32NO KONTAKT LM5/2
pin 6-15NO KONTAKT LM6/1
pin 24-33NO KONTAKT LM6/2
pin 25- LED voeding voor led externe module 1
pin 34+ LED
pin 26- LED voeding voor led externe module 2
pin 35+ LED
pin 27- LED voeding voor led externe module 3
pin 36+ LED

The 4-way connector: Sensor

Most left: Sensor 1 Most right: sensor 6

pin 1NC
pin 2Input detector
pin 3GND detector
pin 4NC

The 4-way connector: Power (most right)

pin 1NC
pin 2NC
pin 3GND
pin 4+12V

Installing the sensor

  • The way the sensor is installed is very important, it has to be in a VERTICAL position.
  • when a beerpump is not used, it is possible that small bubbles of gas leave the tank and enter the beerline, these bubbles can become a lager concentration of bubbles. We have to make sure that this concentration is BEHIND the foam detector. (see RIGHT drawing above)
  • avoid folding of the beerlines
  • The line between the sensor and the 3-way faucet needs to be 1.5 meters minimal

How to control the Foam detector

Manual (pdf)

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