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Switches & ledís

  • This node is supplied with a bicolor LED:
    • Green: The module is powered
    • Red: Service light

On the node there is only one switch: the service button.


At this node there are 3 cables:

  • A 10-way male connector. Connect this to the keypad (disconnect this keypad from the soda dispenser controller board).
  • A 10-way famale connector. Connect this to the soda dispenser controller board.
  • A 2-way network connection for the echelon network. These are the Transmit and receive lines of the echelon network.


The FastFlow modules are designed to work with these FastFlow valves:

The folowing tap-modes are supported:

  • Normal Tap: use a Tap card. Only the dose buttons are supported.
  • Credit Tap: use a Credit / Account card. Only the dose buttons are supported.
  • Clean mode: use the clean card. Only the pour button is enabled in this stage.
  • Callibrate mode: use the callibrate card**. The FastFlow node dous not interfear with the soda dispenser. All the buttons are enabled and free to use. Now it will be possible for the soda supplier can now callibrate the soda dispenser.

** This software handling for the callibrate mode is only for software version 2.0

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