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The PCB has to be mounted on one end of the aluminium-profile, so that the switch reaches trough the end cap

Switches & LEDís:

On the frontpanel youíll find :

  • A push-button switch : SERVICE-switch. This transmits the ID-number of the node.
  • A yellow LED: SERVICE-LED. Lights up when you push the service-switch. When this led flashes or is lit continuously, a severe software problem occurred in the node. ( call us )
  • A second red LED: RECEIVE-LED

The 6-way connector There is a 6-way connector for the network Contact identification is moulded in the plastic or see last page.

pin 1+12V (input)
pin 2GND
pin 3NC
pin 4Network A
pin 5Earth ( shielding )
pin 6Network B

The 12V can be obtained from nodes with these outputs, such as pneumatic beer valve controller or post-mix controller, or from a separate supply (In that case connect the GND of the two supplies together).

The 5-way connector on the PCB must be mounted so that the notches face away from the PCB.

The 2-way screw-terminal.

pin 1GND
pin 2+12V (input)

The 8-way header.

Connect the sense wires of the Barmatics with this header. No 1 facing no 1 of the screw terminal.


From software version 2.0 there is a possibility to use the clean card with the Barmatic.

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