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ABC Node or All Bottle Control node

Different ABC pourers

Switches & ledís :

From top to bottom youíll find :

  • Three push-button switches with red led : S (small), M (medium) and L (large). Pushing these will determine their dosage.
  • A push-button switch with red led : CAL. When you put a calibration card into the reader, the led will light up. Now you can put the ring and bottle upside down and calibrate the dose by pushing the button. When you pushe the button more than once, the values will be added together. The calibration value will be sent to the PC after you pulled the calibration card from the reader.
  • A push-button switch with four ledís : SERVICE-switch. This transmits the ID-number of the node.
    • Top-left a yellow led : SERVICE-led. Lights up when you push the service-switch. When this led flashes or is lit continuously, a severe software problem occurred in the node. ( call us )
    • Top-right a green led : lights up when power supply is ok.
    • Bottom-right a red led : TRANSMIT-led
    • Bottom-left a second red led : RECEIVE-led

The 6-way connector used for network connection.

pin 1+12V (output)
pin 2GND
pin 3NC
pin 4Network A
pin 5Earth ( shielding )
pin 6Network B

The 4-way connector used for supply with a transformer with built-in thermal-fuse.

pin 1hot-side first secondary
pin 2low-side first secondary
pin 3hot-side second secondary
pin 4low-side second secondary

The 12-way connector used for connection of the activator ring. Already connected. Caution : please mount the little plastic bracket to remove the pulling force from the connector.

Flags :

  • MaxCount : maximum number of tap actions without returning the ring
  • Pause : time between two tap actions
  • Flags : default dose ( when returning the ring ):
    • 0 = no return
    • 1 = S
    • 2 = M
    • 3 = L

Version 3.0 and up

From version 3.0 and up there is a functionality added to the ABC. From this point it's possible to recalibrate the connected ring.

  • Remove the power source from the ABC.
  • Make sure the ring is connected and there is no pourer in the ring.
  • Press simultaneous the 'S', 'M' and 'L' button and hold these pressed.
  • Now re-enter the power supply to the ABC.
  • The LED's from 'S', 'M', 'L' and 'Cal' will start blinking.
  • When the LED's stop blinking the calibration is done.
  • You can check the calibration by monitoring the ABC, the ring values are now above 100.
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