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Menu overview:

See the menu structure
Menu structure

How to:


The Enable Coffee Machine


  • Make contact between:
    • 1 and 2 and between 5 and 6: The 8IO gives an enable with +12V on the green plug.
    • 3 and 4: The 8IO gives an enable with a relay contact on the green plug.

2-Way green plug:

  • Pin 1: +12V or Relay contact
  • Pin 2: GND or Relay contact

The Inputs

Flow inputs:

The Outputs

The Other connectors

The powerline connection:

pin 1L
pin 2Earth
pin 3N

Transformer connection:

Serial port:
Use crossover cable!!

Connection example:

See the example
Exemple schematics


Debitmetre Electromagnetique (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
Digmesa (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)
Datasheet (pdf)

Connections Debitmetre Electromagnetique
Connections Digmesa
Connections IR-Opflow


See the menu structure
Menu structure

General knowledge about the software handling:

  • The standard password is 4232 (for all functions)
  • scrolling trough the menu goes by pressing the arrows
  • Entering a menu is done by pressing the OK button
  • leaving a menu state or cancel is done by pressing the C Button
  • Entering text:
    • To enter the letter L, press 3 times on the button 5
    • To enter AB, press on button 2, wait one moment and press then 2 times on button 2.
    • To delete a character, just press the C button
    • To change between small and large fonts press the AB/ab button
    • Special signs can you find under button 1
    • The space is placed under button 0
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